Content Collaboration for Enterprises

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Content Collaboration for Enterprises


Most of the Organizations today need to have a solution for enterprise collaboration and sharing contents securely between different organization users and external gusts. While at the same time aiming to save money, reduce storage costs, reduce operational and labor costs.

Organizations are challenged with:

  • Secure the data transferee and store.
  • Secure share with external gusts.
  • On-Premises Solution or Hybrid.
  • Share files larger than >10 GB.
  • Full control on user data.
  • Access control list.
  • PCI Compliance.
  • Access forms different methods (Desktop, Mobile, https).
  • Auto sync between all access methods.


We are offering Own Cloud Solution

  • On-Premise or Hybrid.
  • SW only or a full Solution with Storage appliance.


  • 100% on premise, store data securely in your data center and access it from anywhere.
  • Sharing of files in your team and with Guest Users of unlimited size.
  • Open source for the highest level of security
  • Permissions and log file access for Audit Compliance, Security and compliance with (GDPR; BSI, FINRA)
  • Provide easy-to-use end-to-end-encryption.
  • Uses Storage Encryption, Multi-Factor- Authentication, a File Firewall, Antivirus Scans and Ransomware Protection to keep data safe on your premises
  • Work on documents together, simultaneously.
  • Robust Apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android fit the needs and preferences of the staff
  • Own Cloud includes a fully featured Web App
  • Full branding capabilities.
  • Fully integration with AD.

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