High Performance Processing for Core Systems Workloads and Ai

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High Performance Processing for Core Systems Workloads and Ai


The world is changing rapidly, and today’s IT infrastructure must do much more than just support core business activities. As competitors pick up the pace, you must securely, reliably and efficiently transform vast quantities of data into timely insight for better-informed decision-making. And to achieve all of this, you need systems that are highly optimized, secure, and able to adapt to new requirements as they emerge.


  • IBM Power10


  • IBM’s First Commercialized 7 nm Processor that is expected to deliver up to a 3x improvement in capacity and processor energy efficiency.
  • Support for Multi-Petabyte Memory Clusters with a breakthrough new technology called Memory Inception, designed to improve cloud capacity and economics for memory-intensive workloads
  • New Hardware-Enabled Security Capabilities including transparent memory encryption designed to support end-to-end security. The IBM POWER10 processor is engineered to achieve significantly faster encryption performance with quadruple the number of AES encryption engines per core
  • New Processor Core Architectures in the IBM POWER10 processor with an embedded Matrix Math Accelerator which is extrapolated to provide 10x, 15x and 20x faster AI \ inference for FP32, BFloat16 and INT8 calculations per socket respectively than the IBM POWER9
  • Up to 60/30 cores/socket (240 HW threads) vs POWER9 dual socket server offering with 2x12-core modules (96 HW threads) both modules have the same energy level.
  • PCIe Gen 5 Interface, x64 / DCM at up to 32 GT/s.
  • System Scale (Broad Range) from 1 to 16 sockets

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