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Storage for Big Data and AI


Data is the fuel for AI, and AI cannot exist without an information architecture, or IA. The best AI is built on a foundation of data that’s collected and organized as carefully as it’s analyzed, and finally infused into the business. Organizations are challenged with:

  • Gaining insights from their data.
  • Data silos make it difficult to access a holistic view of all your information, limiting the value of AI.
  • Current infrastructure that wasn’t built for AI isn’t flexible enough to respond to new demands without adding complexity.
  • Storage cost become high with huge amounts.
  • How to optimize high data accessibility response time and Optimize long term data cost.


  • IBM Spectrum Scale.
  • IBM Elastic Storage System 3000
  • IBM Elastic Storage System 5000
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage.
  • IBM Spectrum Discover.
  • IBM Spectrum Archive for long term data retention on Tapes.


  • Unify data in a single global namespace
  • Faster time to insights
  • Accurate insights and analytics
  • Employ a consolidated interface to more precisely manage data insights
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Experience full use of graphics processing units (GPUs) with high throughput Optimized solutions for the AI journey
  • Provide storage solutions optimized for different stages of the AI journey, Scalable AI infrastructure
  • Leverage the ability to start small and scale with virtually no limits
  • Enhanced data flow efficiency.
  • Reduce costs with built-in data life cycle management and policy-based optimization.
  • Simplify data access, Containerized for fast and easy deployment with container-native storage.

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