Storage for High Performance and hybrid cloud

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Storage for High Performance and hybrid cloud


Industry leaders are frustrated, trying to more easily manage storage and be ready for new workloads. Solutions need to have flash innovation, AI-infused management and data mobility on premises and in the cloud


  • IBM Flash System family
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller
  • IBM Storage Insights
  • IBM Spectrum Control
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud


  • Very high Performance and low data accessibility time in microseconds.
  • Agility: Move data without disruption among heterogeneous storage systems and between on-premises and cloud environments regardless of vendor or provider having the right data or hardware
  • Bridge: Bring value to your legacy infrastructure, adapting to the shifts in technology from UNIX, Microsoft Windows or VMware to Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and containerized environments
  • Cloud: Deploy software capabilities and their application programming interfaces (APIs) across traditional and hybrid cloud environments
  • Data reduction: Save on infrastructure costs by extending data reduction techniques across all your existing storage hardware to help store more data
  • Encryption: Improve cyber resiliency by encrypting data at rest across all storage to help minimize the financial impact of cyber threats


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