Bots by you, to scale every part of your business

Qualify leads, grow your pipeline, and speed up customer resolutions with Custom Bots.


World's leading chat based lead generation platform

Best way to interact and engage with your prospects

Build Chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook & Website today.

Powerful Platform, Exceptional Support and, Effective Chat Strategies to build the best Chatbots for your business.

Integrate with Marketing campaigns

● No installation, Plug-n- play approach
● AI engine for intelligent bots with insights
● Marketing tools - A/B, LeadGen, Analytics etc.


Nurture prospects into leads

● Powerful workflow for converting prospects to leads
● Schedule and target content to specific segments
● Reactivate prospects with multi-channel follow-ups


Powerful platform for chat marketing

● Rich Messages, Branching, Loops, JSON APIs, Custom Code, SMS, Email
● Chatbot on FB Messenger, Website, other platform
● Multiple language and time-zone support


MARK - The AI Engine for LeadGen

● Creates personal experiences for every prospect
● Suggests changes, gives performance updates
● Detects Fake Leads, runs smart follow-ups



We help build the bank of the future with Triniti's enterprise solution services for Out-of-the-Box support for CASA, Cards, Loans, Deposits, Transfers, Payments, Recharges, Service Requests, PFM, Virtual Agent, Rewards, Leads Generation. Retail Banking will never be the same.

We also manage and build low cost, customer centric digital channels with Out-of-the-Box support for Current Accounts, Loans, Trade Finance, Treasury, Transfers, Payments, Service Requests, Virtual Agent, Leads Generation for Corporate and SMB Banking.

● Are you

○ a Digital Marketing agency?
○ an IT services company?
○ a SaaS reseller?
○ a Tech company?

● Are you looking to

○ sell Chatbots to your clients?
○ increase marketing ROI for your clients?
○ run engaging social campaigns for your clients?

MARK - The Chat Marketing Assistant

★ MARK - Custom AI-Engine for funnel optimization
★ Personalized follow-up time and content for smart scheduling
★ Suggests experiments and A/B tests based on past successes
★ Detects fake leads, eliminates conversation loops, optimises dialog flows

Powerful analytics for Lead behavior insights

★ Get insights and reports on your campaign performance
★ Get to know what are your audience’s preference 24X7,
★ Track button clicks and URL performance.
★ Meaningful insights for core ROI metrics of your lead generation funnel

Unique CRM & Hybrid Chat Support

★ In built CRM for Advanced Filtering and Dynamic Segments
★ Export/Import and 3rd party Integration management module
★ Take over the chats manually or with rules - bringing the best of automation & human interactions.
★ Multiply your user-base with social features and engagement module

‘Chat’ as a channel of marketing

✓ Chat brings a touch of ‘personalisation’ in your marketing - like one to one sales
✓ Chat Automation allows smooth onboarding and qualification of leads - faster conversions at mass scale
✓ ‘Chat’ has 80%-90% open rates - most active channel, 50+ min avg. daily time spent
✓ Long-term interaction channel, with reachbacks - seamless social sharing and word of mouth

Proactively engage every qualified lead

Custom Bots start conversations by using advanced targeting and enrichment, only engaging the leads you want.

Replace web forms

Launch a bot to engage high-intent leads, then move qualified leads directly to a conversation to convert faster.

Triage conversations automatically

Collect information up front, prioritize your most urgent issues, and route conversations to the right people.

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